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Nestled along the Elbe River's edge, St. Pauli Hamburg is a bustling neighbourhood that has earned a global reputation as an entertainment epicentre, thanks to its iconic Reeperbahn. From its maritime heritage to The Beatles' early footsteps, St. Pauli beckons adventurers with a promise of captivating experiences around every corner. For an unforgettable exploration of this famed district, opt for a guided St. Pauli tour to fully immerse yourself in all it has to offer.

Why take a St Pauli Tour?

St Pauli Hamburg Tours
  • Immerse in St. Pauli's intrigue: Embark on a journey through the legendary Reeperbahn, Davidwache, and Herbertstraße, where hidden secrets, scandals, myths, and history come to life.
  • Knowledgeable guides: Engage with a bilingual (German/English) guide who will regale you with fascinating facts about the red-light district, deepening your understanding.
  • Toast to tradition: Enjoy a complimentary beer (plus a short drink) at the iconic “Zur Ritze” bar, where legends like Mike Tyson and the Klitschko brothers once trained in the boxing cellar.
  • Exclusive insights: Gain access to insider tips and exclusive discounts for the hottest clubs and discos, ensuring your night continues to pulse with excitement.
  • Historical immersion: Delve into the rich history of St. Pauli and discover why the Reeperbahn holds such significance to the people of Hamburg.
  • Small-group exploration: Traverse the ancient Reeperbahn in an intimate setting, allowing you to soak in the diverse facets of this renowned district and its captivating tales.

St Pauli Guided Tour Options

Sex & Crime Tour in St. Pauli - Above 18 Only
Free Cancellation
Instant Confirmation
Mobile Ticket
2 hr.
Guided Tour
More details
Hamburg Complete Nightlife Reeperbahn & St. Pauli Tour
Instant Confirmation
Mobile Ticket
2 hr. 30 min.
More details
Guided Tour of Elbphilharmonie & St. Pauli
3 hr.
Guided Tour
More details
Red & Blue Light Reeperbahn Guided Tour - Above 18 Only
Free Cancellation
Instant Confirmation
Mobile Ticket
2 hr.
Guided Tour
More details
Combo (Save 10%): Guided Tour of Elbphilharmonie + Sex & Crime Tour in St. Pauli
Free Cancellation
Instant Confirmation
Mobile Ticket
Flexible Duration
Guided Tour
More details

Highlights Covered on Your St Pauli Guided Tour

St Pauli Hamburg Tours


Step onto the electrifying Reeperbahn, where neon lights illuminate a vibrant array of pubs, bars, restaurants, and nightclubs. Known as the "Sin Mile," it also houses strip clubs, erotic theaters, sex museums, and brothels, creating an unforgettable atmosphere.

St Pauli Hamburg Tours

Große Freiheit

This captivating street, famous for explicit and erotic theaters, is a must-visit. Its claim to fame includes hosting the Beatles at various clubs, marking the start of their legendary career.

St Pauli Hamburg Tours

Zur Ritze Pub

For boxing enthusiasts, the Zur Ritze bar is a standout. It's where boxing legends like Mike Tyson and the Klitschko brothers honed their skills. The bar exudes a retro charm with rustic seating and boxing memorabilia, making it a favorite haunt for local celebrities.

St Pauli Hamburg Tours

Kiez Neighbourhoods

Explore the iconic Kiez neighborhood, especially the red-light district, to gain insight into the lives of prostitutes and the legal aspects of their profession. Immerse yourself in the colorful, eccentric, and wild experiences of this unique district.

St Pauli Hamburg Tours

Udo Lindenberg’s Home

The renowned German singer, composer, and drummer, Udo Lindenberg, resided at the Hotel Atlantic Kempinski for 26 years. While he moved out in 2021, you can still admire his exquisite paintings displayed on the walls of the Atlantic resort.

St Pauli Hamburg Tours

Davidwache Police Station

Visit Europe's smallest police precinct, a German cultural icon. Featured in TV series and movies like "St. Pauli Nacht" (1991), this station even earned Hamburg's Building of the Year award in 2005. Explore its intriguing history during your St. Pauli guided tour.

What to Expect on a St Pauli Guided Tour?

  • Your St. Pauli guided tour begins at a designated meeting point, where you'll be greeted by a multilingual guide well-versed in the district's history and culture.
  • Enjoy priority access to attractions like the Zur Ritze pub, Chinatown, Dancing Towers, and other landmarks. Your guide ensures a hassle-free visit while providing insights into the local culture and history.
  • Your guide accompanies you throughout the tour, sharing intriguing facts about St. Pauli's history, architecture, and more, making your journey informative and engaging.
  • Brace yourself for an evening of unraveling secrets, scandals, myths, and history along Reeperbahn, Davidwache, and Herbertstraße. Discover the vibrant nightlife of the infamous "Sin Mile."
  • A bilingual (German/English) tour guide enriches your experience with facts and anecdotes about the red-light district and the various landmarks, adding depth to your exploration.

Visitor Tips

  • Arrive at the meeting point 15-20 minutes prior to the tour's start to avoid any rush, confusion, or delays.
  • Be prepared for some moderate walking during the guided tours of St. Pauli and Reeperbahn, so make sure to wear comfortable footwear.
  • Prior to booking your guided tour, confirm whether it includes a guide who speaks German or English, and select accordingly. Private tours may also offer the expertise of a local English-speaking guide for your convenience.
  • Enhance your travel experience by familiarizing yourself with a few basic German phrases.
  • Secure your St. Pauli tour tickets well in advance to access the best available deals and offers.

All Your Questions About St Pauli Guided Tours Answered

Can I book a St Pauli guided tour?

Yes, you can purchase your St Pauli guided tours online.

How can I book the St Pauli guided tour?

We recommend purchasing the tickets online for a hassle-free experience. You can purchase the tickets here.

How much does the St Pauli guided tour cost?

The price ranges from €22 to €43 depending on the kind of tickets you choose. You can purchase the tickets here.

What are the different types of the St Pauli guided tours?

There are various types of St Pauli tours – Red and Blue Light Reeperbahn tour, St Pauli Nightlife tour and Elbphilharmonie Combo tour.

In what languages are the St Pauli guided tours?

St Pauli tours are available in German and English.

What does the St Pauli guided tour cover?

The St Pauli guided tour covers the most popular landmarks of St Pauli and the red-light area of Reeperbahn.

How many people can go on the St Pauli guided tour?

While the group size varies from tour to tour, most St Pauli guided tours allow a small group of people.

Is the St Pauli guided tour worth it?

Absolutely, the St. Pauli guided tour is worth it. It provides deep insights into the district's history, culture, and vibrant nightlife, offering a memorable and immersive experience.

Can I cancel a booked St Pauli guided tour?

In most cases you can cancel up to 24 hours before the guided tour for a full refund. Some combo tickets don't allow cancellation. Please check your tickets for more details

How long is the St Pauli guided tour?

The St Pauli guided tour lasts for 2- 3 hours, depending on the tour you choose.